Bernard Mornah announces bid to run for president

A former National Chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Bernard Mornah, has announced his intention to run for president. He stated that many people from across the country, including the elderly, women, persons with disabilities, and the youth, have urged him to run for president. Believing he is more competent to lead the nation

The increasing number of people from all corners of the country: the aged, women, people with disability, but more importantly, the youth have been calling and waiting for my declaration so that they will commerce mobilization of both resources and votes for the project.

Mornah Emphasised that his presidential bid aims to tackle corruption and injustice, which have hindered development and caused hardship for the people.

The greed leads to unquenchable corruption, so to turn the tide, we need someone whose background dictated that greed was an abhorred terminology. Becoming a president for me is to fulfill the dreams of our forebears Ghana and Africa capable of managing its affairs.

I have been around for a considerable period and those who have known me can attest that my whole being has been about service. I hate injustice, it does not matter who it affects. I have fought for my enemies” he is reported to have said.

Regarding his candidacy, Mornah noted that he plans to reinvigorate the PNC structures and partner with people from across the country who share his vision and are willing to support him with resources to make his presidential dream a reality.

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A courageous leader of character and mettle able to stand up and take control of the resources of the nation for the benefit of the people.

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