Statement on the Occasion of AU Day 2024

Every year, the African Union observes 25 May as Africa Day to commemorate its founding and has selected the theme “Education Fit for the 21st Century” for this year’s commemoration. As a Pan-Africanist and a firm believer in the ability of Africans to re-write the narrative about their fortunes, commemorating this day should be a call to reflect deeply on the structural changes that are to advance our progress. It is a call for reflection on all stakeholders, especially the youth of Africa who form the largest segment of our population.

Given the myriad of challenges the Africans face, I would have expected the leadership of the AU to focus the theme on the next century in addition to the present. The vision of the Africa We Want for 2063 is less than 5 decades away. The vision of the forebears of the AU, which we have struggled to achieve, was several decades ahead of their contemporaries in other parts of the world.

The evidence around Africa should challenge our various governments to chart a path different from the educational systems that have produced the quality of human resources we presently grapple with. Education rooted in our African identity, reflective of our history and aspirations, and transformative in its approach to give meaning to “the black man is capable of managing his affairs’ is needed now more than ever.”

The governance challenges witnessed in many parts of Africa, including the military take-overs of civilian governments, and the supportive street protests by their populations to question the real allegiance of their elected leaders is a stark reminder of the need to fix our educational systems. For my country Ghana, educating the population to recognize the role and place of the nation in achieving meaningful continental unity with a common central bank, currency, military, and growth in trade among African countries should be a leadership priority. 

This among others, is why a future Mornah presidency of Ghana would restore the leadership of Ghana in the Africa Union to advance the transformation of lives of Ghanaians and all Africans.

This is a personal commitment I hold dear, convinced in my bones, and passionate about working with you in Ghana to champion on the African stage. A new leader, new direction, and new Ghana beckons to work with others on the continent to realize our dreams.

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A courageous leader of character and mettle able to stand up and take control of the resources of the nation for the benefit of the people.

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