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The Journey into Politics

Bernard Anbataayela Mornah’s political journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to leadership, activism, and justice. His passion for politics and advocacy was evident from an early age, nurtured by his experiences as the eldest child in his family and his involvement in youth clubs such as the Wonwaana Youth Club in Wa. In 1996, Mornah’s political career took shape when he was nominated to stand as Secretary to the National Service Association of Ghana (NASPA) in Wa District. Although he lost due to stage fright during the manifesto presentation, this experience motivated him to improve his public speaking skills and galvanized his determination to make a difference.

By 2000, Mornah had grown disillusioned with the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and joined the People’s National Convention (PNC), founding the Tertiary Institutions Functionaries (TERIF) at the University of Cape Coast. His leadership skills and commitment to change continued to flourish as he sought to challenge the political status quo.

Mornah’s political activism expanded further when he became involved with the Ghana Togo Solidarity Movement, formed in response to the oppressive governance in Togo. Alongside fellow activists such as Mohammed Haruna, Farudeen Mispah Yakubu, Conrad Nanguo, and Courage Kobby Balon, Mornah demonstrated his unwavering dedication to justice and human rights.

The Ghana Togo Solidarity Movement faced obstacles, including Mornah’s unlawful arrest during a rally in support of Togo’s democracy. Undeterred, Mornah filed a lawsuit against the Ghana Police for their conduct and continued to fight for the restoration of multiparty democracy in Togo.

Throughout his political journey, Bernard Anbataayela Mornah’s passion for leadership, activism, and justice has remained at the forefront. His experiences have shaped his commitment to challenging oppressive systems and advocating for positive change, both within Ghana and beyond its borders.

A courageous leader of character and mettle able to stand up and take control of the resources of the nation for the benefit of the people.

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