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PNC Chairman, Bernard Mornah enskinned chief of Bimobas

The Bimoba Chiefs and people in the Garu and Tempane Districts of Upper East Region have enskinned Mr Bernard Mornah, the National Chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC) as Biis Naab (Youth Chief).

The ceremony was performed by Naba David Kansuk, the Chief of Nakpanduri in the Bunkpurugu District of the North East Region, at the weekend during the 18th annual Danjuar festival of Bimobas at Kpikpira in the Tempane District of the Upper East Region.

The festival was celebrated on the theme: “Investing in Bimoba land; the role of government, chiefs and stakeholders.”

In his address, the Chief of the Kpikpira Traditional Area, Naba Dazuur II thanked Dagaabas for releasing their son to serve them, saying “The Bimoba people would want to thank you for accepting to release your son Bernard Mornah, to them to assist our youth. Indeed Bernard Mornah has been very supportive and inspirational to the youth of Bimoba land and beyond.”

He was hopeful that the good relations between Bimobas and the Dagaabas would inure to their development, and said “We hope to use this established relations for cultural exchanges between us and the Dagaabas.”

Naba Dazuur II said Bimoba land used to be in the news for the wrong reasons, “Today, I am glad to announce that we have defeated the negative aspects of life and now living together peacefully. The last gun in our life was buried in the soils at Saayauk and Saanbiruk some few years ago.”

He said the Bimoba people had resolved that never again would they use the gun as a way of resolving their problems. “We say goodbye to violent conflicts and welcome development. We are ready to sell what we have in terms of natural resources to create jobs for our people.”

Mr Bernard Mornah, the newly enskinned Biis Naab, thanked the Chiefs for the honour, and said the people of Sankana, his hometown and Dagaabas would forever remain grateful to Bimobas.

He said from the instructions he received, “when this is over, you will not see me in my traditional regalia, you will be seeing me not in one barret, but in double barret carrying on with my activism. I shall pursue the course that I believe is just for the people of Ghana and just for the people of the Bimoba land.”

“Let me assure all of you that I am a very stubborn character, and I will be stubborn as your youth leader. Bimoba youth, just get it clear that as a leader, I am also a very stubborn leader.”

He emphasised that “I will be stubborn if you want to bring destruction to Bimoba land, we will not allow you, I will be stubborn if you want to destabilise the peace and unity of Bimoba land and Ghana, we will not allow you.”


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