Mandatory towing levy clear thievery – PNC’s Mornah

The national chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC) Bernard Mornah has described as “thievery” a move by government to introduce mandatory towing levy.

Parliamentary select committee on Roads and Transport okayed the payment of the implementation of the policy Wednesday despite stern public backlash.

The committee said having perused the details of the proposal presented by the national road safety commission and the transport ministry, it is of the view that the initiative will be good for the country considering the spate of accidents.

Mr. Mornah, however, disagreed, labeling the decision as “sickening.”

According to him, the government’s insistence on introduction of the policy is clear indication of attempts to rob “citizens to satisfy an individual.”

He added, “Honestly speaking, this is one of the sad things that you can see a government pushing to get done when it is clear that ‘Masa, Sika die Asem Naaba.’ I can’t think far.

“It is an unnecessary levy. It is more than nuisance levy. It is an attack on the collective intelligence of the people of Ghana. It is an assault on us by the state to come and take from us and go and give it to some individuals.

“Please we cannot use the cohesive hands of the state to force citizens to do something that everybody has seen that…it is a robbery. Mr. President, listen to the voice of the people that this thievery…the people of Ghana we have seen before it can even start, so stop.”

Fees per year for both commercial and non-commercial vehicles, depending on tonnage, range from GHS20 to GHS200. The program was suspended by the government in June after massive public opposition.


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