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Bernard Mornah questions EC on $100 million

The National Chairman of the Peoples National Convention (PNC), Bernard Mornah, has said the Electoral Commission (EC) has wasted $130 million of the taxpayers’ money on an exercise that could have been conducted with just $30 million.

After the voters’ registration exercise, the EC claims it has detected minors on foreigners on the new voters’ roll adding that it’ll delete the names to ensure a credible.

Chairperson of the EC, Jean Mensa said steps have been taken to remove all illegal registrants before the December polls.

But Bernard Mornah speaking on the just-ended register said “They [EC] say the new voter roll has foreigners on it (Ivorians), they say there are minors on the register, they say there are dead people on the register, so, you [EC] lied”, adding that it is “deception and stealing of public funds for personal use.”

According to him, a survey conducted by the policy think tank, IMANI Africa “analyses show that we wasted $130 million on an exercise that we could conduct safely with $30 million.”

“Where did the $100 million go?” he asked.

Speaking on Accra FM, he said Jean Mensa must be prosecuted for causing financial loss to the state.

“So, I say that Jean Mensa and all the actors in this grand scheme to steal Ghana’s money are candidates for prosecution,” he said on Accra FM.

He alleged that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is conniving with the EC to delete names of Ghanaians from the new register in some specific areas.

“They have come out with another lie. This lie we uncovered. If you listen to the General Secretary of the NPP, they have already targeted some constituencies in which they are going to delete names from the voter register,” he added.


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