“There is a great man who makes every man feel small. But the real great man is the man who makes every man feel great”
G. K. Chersterton

My Message

Comrades and friends, I welcome you most dearly to this humble website. As might be seen, coming from a marginalized, disadvantaged, denied and rather desolate/dismal background, I offer this site as a plate of hope for many with similar trending. Growing up in the rural community of Sankana in the Upper West Region provided me with the most rewarding life for reflection. Poverty, at its height, compelled me to undertake all manner of survival options including selling water in pots to market women, engaging in rice and groundnuts farming and mostly depending on shea and other fruits in order to survive.

It required that I woke up at dawn to gather these fruits; sometimes, “competing” with reptiles for these fruits could be scary. Walking sixteen kilometres to and fro Kaleo to Sankana daily to school on my bare feet in the scorching sun and often in my patched clothes, inspired me for better opportunities in life.

I went to School in Sankana, where I depended on nature’s lights (moonlight) to pursue my studies and to sit for my basic level certificate examination. Notwithstanding my situation, I was expected to do well, as the examiners, rightly, did not factor the peculiar circumstances of my studies. Somehow I made it but many of my contemporaries did not and their life is simply miserable.

The injustices of the world have led to massive denials of many and caused irreparable damage to millions across the world. The greed of society has exacerbated the bestial conditions of many. The current resources of the world are estimated to be capable of feeding over three hundred and twenty billion (320) people per year, yet with the worlds population at a little over six (6) billion, we are still witnessing many homeless and hungry perambulating and desperately searching for hope-GREED is responsible.

Africa, has suffered so many denials. Our Continent is rich in human and natural wealth; yet ironically, AFRICANS are poor. My call is that for Africans to overcome the slant, the continent MUST UNITE. Africa must unite for the sake of its children, lest they perish.

In this connection We MUST pump into our people that there is more success and glory in continental unity and good governance than in the “village” heroisms called countries. For me, I dedicate my energy to this and to the cause of the many who suffer injustice and yet are seeking a life of opportunity, of equality and fairness.

Daily Graphic Reportage Inaccurate and Inexcusable

The Peoples’ National Convention (PNC) condemns outrightly the incorrect political history chronicled by the Daily Graphic edition of Thursday 5 March 8, 2015 on Ghana. Not only are some sections inaccurate but inexcusable to say the least.

The paper in its publication ... » Read More

Africa's biggest solar project to be put up at Nyinbali in Northern Ghana

Plans are far advance for Home Energy Africa Limited to construct a $200 million energy project at Nyinbali in the Nadowli-Kaleo District.

The project, which will be the biggest solar energy project in Africa, is expected to produce 100 megawatts ... » Read More

3 Students killed in accident at Okponglo

Fatal-AccidentThree students of the University of Professional Studies (UPS) and Ghana Institute of Languages (GIL) have died after slamming their salon car into a stationary truck at Okponglo, on the Legon-Madina Road, in Accra.

The three have been identified as Rashidatu Iddrisu, ... » Read More

This Is "Totally Unacceptable"; What Is Really Going On?

Bernard Mornah, General Secretary of the People's National Convention (PNC), has jibed Government and the Ministry of Energy for failing to communicate effectively on its transfer of Ghana National Gas Company ownership to the Ghana National Petroleum Company (GNPC).

The attention ... » Read More


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